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Hepatitis C Virus and Lichen Planus: The Real Association   Editorial
Type of Pegylated Interferon Matters: Another Milestone in the Treatment of Hepatitis C Virus Infection   Editorial
Determination of the Relationship of Serum Hyaluronic Acid Levels to the Degree of Liver Fibrosis in Biopsies of Patients with Chronic Viral Hepatitis B and C   Research Article
Are Hepatitis B Virus and Celiac Disease Linked?   Research Article
Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice of Iranian Medical Specialists regarding Hepatitis B and C   Research Article
Entecavir Therapy in Turkish Adult Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B: One-Year Results from Izmir Province, Turkey   Research Article
Hepatitis B and C among Patients Infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus in Isfahan, Iran: Seroprevalence and Associated Factors   Research Article
European vs. Egyptian HCV-4 Patients with Elevated Baseline HCV RNA, Treated with PEG-IFN-α2a and Ribavirin: The Role of Rapid and Early Virologic Response   Research Article
Occult Hepatitis B Infection in Chronic Hemodialysis Patients: Current Concepts and Strategy   Review Article
Hepatitis C in Pakistan: A Review of Available Data   Review Article
Amazing Results with Hydroxyurea Therapy in Chronic Hepatitis B: A Preliminary Report   Brief Report
The Effect of Education on Quality of Life in Patients under Interferon Therapy   Brief Report
On the Comparison of Two HBV Recombinant Vaccines   Letter
Pegylated Alpha Interferons: An Unresolved Clash of the Titans?   Letter
Which is the IDEAL Peginterferon for Hepatitis C: A Meta-Analysis of both Pegylated Interferons in the Treatment of HCV-Infected Patients   Letter
Interferon-Based Therapy for Chronic Hepatitis C: Current and Future Perspectives   Letter
Peginterferon Alpha-2a versus Alpha-2b in Chronic Hepatitis C   Letter
Efficacy of Peginterferon Alpha-2a vs. 2b for the Treatment of Chronic HCV: Interpretation of Results and Future Prospects   Letter
Interferon: A Sharp Sword to Overcome HCV or HBV-Related Liver Diseases?   Letter