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Hepatic granulomas associated with brucellosis   Editorial
Halothane-induced hepatitis: A forgotten issue in developing countries   Review Article
Occult hepatitis B virus infection: A major concern in HIV-infected patients   Review Article
Comparison of the prevalence of major transfusion-transmitted infections among Iranian blood donors using confidential unit exclusion in an Iranian population   Research Article
A study of genotypes, mutants and nucleotide sequence of hepatitis B virus in Pakistan   Research Article
Incarceration is a major risk factor for blood-borne infection among intravenous drug users   Research Article
Polymorphisms within Fas gene are not associated with occult hepatitis B virus infection   Research Article
A comparison of treatment with adefovir and entecavir for chronic hepatitis B in China: The 2-year results of a prospective study   Research Article
The effect of zinc sulfate on immunologic response to recombinant hepatitis B vaccine in elderly   Research Article
Interferon alpha and pancytopenia in a thalassemic patient who treating for HCV; Cause of death   Case Report
Commentary on the article: Are hepatitis B virus and celiac disease linked?   Letter
Are nonintestinal inflammatory diseases and celiac disease linked?   Letter
Commentary on: Knowledge, attitude and practice of Iranian medical specialists regarding hepatitis B and C virus infection   Letter
Commentary on: Are hepatitis B virus and celiac disease linked?   Letter
Hepatitis B virus and celiac disease   Letter
Celiac disease and hepatitis B virus   Letter