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Hepatitis A virus infection: Is it an important hazard to public health?   Editorial
Risk factors of hepatitis B infection: Health policy makers should be aware of their importance in each community   Editorial
The optimal dose of ribavirin for chronic hepatitis C: From literature evidence to clinical practice   Review Article
The Impact of Hepatitis C virus infection on kidney Transplantation outcomes: A systematic review of 18 observational studies   Review Article
The differences in gene expression profile induced by genotype 1b hepatitis C virus core isolated from liver tumor and adjacent non-tumoral tissue   Research Article
Risk factors of hepatitis B virus infection in Turkey: A population-based, case-control study   Research Article
Hepatitis D virus infection in Isfahan, central Iran: Prevalence and risk factors among chronic HBV infection cases   Research Article
Hepatitis B seromarkers, hepatitis C antibody, and risk behaviors in married couples, a bordered province of western Thailand   Research Article
Platelet count/bipolar spleen diameter ratio for the prediction of esophageal varices: The special Egyptian situation   Research Article
Seroprevalence study of hepatitis A virus in Fars province, southern Iran   Research Article
Commentary on: A study of genotype, mutants and nucleotide sequence of HBV in Pakistan   Letter
Commentary on: Effectiveness of confidential unit exclusion option in blood transfusion services needs re-evaluation   Letter
Commentary on: A study of genotypes, mutants, and nucleotide sequence of hepatitis B virus in Pakistan   Letter
New approach to managing occult hepatitis B infection   Letter