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The necessity of booster vaccination after neonatal hepatitis B vaccination   Editorial
Blood safety concerns in the Eastern Mediterranean region   Editorial
Role of living donor liver transplantation in the treatment of hepatitis C virus infection   Review Article
Cytogenetic methods for detection of oxidative stress and evaluation of antioxidant therapy in hepatitis C infection   Review Article
Should a booster dose be administered in children after mass immunization for hepatitis B?   Research Article
Protective effect of intermittent clamping of the portal triad in the rat liver on liver ischemia-reperfusion injury   Research Article
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and correlation of serum alanin aminotransferase level with histopathologic findings   Research Article
Prevalence of hepatitis E virus and porcine caliciviruses in pig farms of Guizhou province, China   Research Article
The effects of milk thistle on hepatic fibrosis due to methotrexate in rat   Research Article
Association of interleukin 18 gene promoter polymorphisms with HBV recurrence after liver transplantation in Han Chinese population   Research Article
Occult hepatitis B: Evolving challenges and new perspectives   Letter
Broader use of hepatitis B virus vaccine: Efficacy in those who lost hepatitis B surface antigen during follow-up   Letter
Aspartate transaminase to platelet ratio index (APRI) to assess liver fibrosis in patients with chronic liver disease   Letter
Immune response to hepatitis B vaccine in patients who lost hepatitis B surface antigen during follow up   Letter
Do we need a common liver fibrosis index or etiology-related indices?   Letter