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Different Faces of Hepatocellular Carcinoma as a Health Threat in 21st Century   Editorial
Is Assessing the Presence of NASH by Liver Histology or Surrogate Markers Always Advisable?   Editorial
Is Bariatric Surgery Safe in Cirrhotics?   Editorial
An Emerging Trend of Methamphetamine Injection in Iran: A Critical Target for Research on Blood-Borne Infection Diseases   Editorial
Vaccine-Induced Anti-HBs Level in 5-6 Year-Old Malnourished Children   Research Article
Probiotic as a Novel Treatment Strategy Against Liver Disease   Review Article
Misconceptions About Nested Studies, Matched Analysis, Significancy, Power, Normality and Multivariate Regression Analysis   Letter
Annual Registry for Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B is Needed for Predicting the Burden of Hepatocellolar Carcinoma in Iran   Letter
Commentary on: The optimal Dose of Ribavirin for Chronic Hepatitis C: From Literature Evidence to Clinical Practice   Letter
Correlation Between Viral Load of HBV in Chronic Hepatitis B Patients and Precore and Basal Core Promoter Mutations   Research Article
A Survey of Correlation Between Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I (IGF-I) Levels and Severity of Liver Cirrhosis   Research Article
Predictors of Chronic Hepatitis C Evolution in HIV Co-Infected Patients From Romania   Research Article