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Portal Hypertension as Immune Mediate Disease   Review Article
Risk Factors of HCV Seroconversion in Hemodialysis Patients in Tabriz, Iran   Research Article
In Silico Identification and Conservation Analysis of B-cell and T-Cell Epitopes of Hepatitis C Virus 3a Genotype Enveloped Glycoprotein 2 From Pakistan: A Step Towards Heterologous Vaccine Design   Research Article
HCV NS3 Blocking Effect on IFN Induced ISGs Like Viperin and IL28 With and Without NS4A   Research Article
Seroepidemiology of Hepatitis E Virus Infection in General Population in Rural Durango, Mexico   Research Article
Expression Profiles of Circulating Cytokines, Chemokines, and Immune Cells in Patients With Hepatitis B Virus Infection   Research Article
Predicting the Outcomes of Combination Therapy in Patients With Chronic Hepatitis C Using Artificial Neural Network   Research Article
Efficacy and Safety of Ferric Chloride in Controlling Hepatic Bleeding; An Animal Model Study   Research Article
Volatile Anesthetics in Ischemic Liver Injury: Enemy or Friend?   Editorial